Ekonomists Normunds Malnačs

Normunds Malnacs, Secretary

Normunds Malnacs has worked as a director of finance in several companies. He has experience of working on public sector reforms in the World bank.

He has Masters degrees from London School of Economics and University of Illinois.

Phone: (+371) 6708 3650, e-mail: normunds.malnacs@fdp.gov.lv


Ekonomiste Viktorija Zaremba

Viktorija Zaremba Council macroeconomics expert

Viktorija Zaremba is an economist. Prior to her current position at the Fiscal Council, Viktorija has worked as the director at the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, and earlier as the scientific secretary and researcher at the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

She received MBA degree at Rīga Stradiņš University and PhD degree at Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, where she specialised in regional economy.

Phone: (+371) 6708 3652, e-mail: viktorija.zaremba@fdp.gov.lv

Fiskālo risku eksperts Andrejs Migunovs

 Andrejs Migunovs, fiscal risks analyst

Prior to joining the Fiscal Discipline Council, he worked at the Bank of Latvia, where he studied economic activity in Latvian municipalities

Andrejs holds a bachelor's degree from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and a master's degree in the mathematical economics sub-program of the University of Latvia.

Phone: (+371) 6708 3651, e-mail: andrejs.migunovs@fdp.gov.lv

Inga Jansone

 Inga Jansone, lawyer-administration

Phone: (+371) 6708 3653, e-mail: inga.jansone@fdp.gov.lv